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Unleash Your Inner Canine Confidence as a Product Designer

Have you ever wished you could channel the confidence of your canine companion when designing apps, features, or websites? Well, we’ve got some doggone good news for you! In our latest Design Is Hard Substack post, we’re diving into a unique source of inspiration: dogs.

AI-generated illustration of a dog as a mascot by John Wayne Hill
Created by John Wayne Hill with Midjourney

Discover Your Dog-Like Confidence

In this insightful and snarky post, we discuss how our furry friends can teach us valuable lessons about embracing vulnerability, being present in the moment, trusting our instincts, and more. We’ll help you unleash your inner canine confidence and tackle the design world with newfound poise and conviction.

Here’s a little teaser to get your tail wagging:

“I used to be terrified of presenting my work. Then I realized that being vulnerable and open to critique is what makes a design truly great. Now, I strut into every design review like a dog on a mission.” -Anonymous Designer

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