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Open to New Roles and Opportunities

John Wayne Hill – Product Designer

John Wayne Hill is an experienced product designer with a career spanning over a decade and a half. With a wealth of experience gained through his work with Ancestry, Twitter, True, Idean/Frog, Stimulant, Punchcut, Mozilla, and IU Communications, Hill has honed his skills in design and product development.


In his most recent role, Hill served as a Senior Staff Product Designer at Twitter, where he took on a range of large, complex projects, driving through leadership and execution with positive metrics impact. He was responsible for driving and executing the largest Twitter surfaces through vast usability improvements, mental-model mapping, conceptual changes, and design operations via project tracking, design reviews, and critiques.


Before Twitter, Hill was the VP of Design at True, a social media startup. He was responsible for overall strategy, vision, and execution across all platforms, grew the design team to 6+ designers, and implemented organizational changes and created new processes for efficiency and predictability.


Hill was also the Director of UX & Design at Ancestry, where he led and directed 30+ team members spanning 5 pillars across 2 offices. He fostered and grew a culture of innovation through reviews, critique, and empowerment. He collaborated with cross-functional partners and executive leaders to bring forward a vision and direction for product improvements and 0-1 new products.

Hill’s expertise extends to the design of consumer products as well. As the Design Lead at Idean (now Frog), he designed a multi-user/size/input hardware/software experience which helps teams work together better both remotely and colocated in the same space. He also designed a watch-battery powered smartwatch, music applications, communication applications, and e-commerce applications for Fortune 500 companies, corporations, and startups at Punchcut.

Product Designer and Leader

With such a strong background in design and product development, Hill is now open to new roles and opportunities. Hill’s experience in managing large teams and executing complex projects demonstrates his ability to lead, collaborate, and deliver successful products.

If you are looking for an experienced product designer to join your team or collaborate on your project, John Wayne Hill is open to new roles and opportunities. His expertise and experience are invaluable assets to any organization looking to drive innovation and deliver successful products.


Check out my portfolio for my full experience and resume!

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