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Space Mandala Illustration

I’m learning some illustration techniques via SkillShare and created my first illustration today using Procreate. I can’t believe how powerful that tool is on the iPad. I’m going through a class by Cat Coquillette and while it’s a bit slow, it’s really great. My goal is to not only be able to direct, critique, and help with illustrations, but also to be able to create them from scratch myself, which is something I’ve struggled with (Pen tool!). Right now, I’ll mostly focus on abstract art but hope to move into character illustration as well. Lots to learn!

For this illustration, I started by simply playing around with the Assisted Drawing feature, which replicates your linework according to some settings. Wow, it’s cool! I ended up focusing on a space-type them with a take on a star and surrounding galaxy. I used a couple of different brush types to vary textures and kept my color palette quite minimal. The whole illustration really just emerged as I was playing around, but I ended up with something I like. A few color adjustments at the end really punched up the space feeling. As with all art/design, I’ll probably end up hating it in the future as I grow and learn a ton more.

Spiral Galaxy by John Wayne Hill

Finally, here is a timelapse showing the illustration coming to life!

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